Lobster is all about our passion, curiosity and love for creativity, art, design, film and animation. We truly believe in the power of visuals and storytelling and that they can change perspectives and help brands achieve their goals.
Founded in 2016 by the director and illustrator Fausto Montanari and the animator Nikolay Ivanov, Lobster is constantly evolving and pushing its own boundaries not just because business and design don’t stay still but mostly because we are a curious and dynamic team that is passionate to explore new and conceptual ideas.
The way we approach each project is always unique to the needs of the specific request. We use versatile media to solve problems in a fresh way as we are always focused on creating bespoke designs and animations for each campaign we take part.
We work closely with big or small brands and agencies all around the world, building strong relationships and taking care of every aspect of the design and animation process.


Lobster is represented by TONIC DNA for the territories of Canada and Mexico.
Lobster is represented by NOT TO SCALE for the territories of UK and The Netherlands.